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'Wizarding World Of Harry Potter' Is Coming To Universal Studios Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Harry Potter fans will no longer need to travel to Orlando to experience a real-life version of J.K. Rowling's magical world of wizardry.

Universal Studios Hollywood and Gov. Jerry Brown announced Tuesday plans to build the attraction in Los Angeles.

"It's a great day when we see investment in California and investment in imagination," Brown said.

Universal Studios didn't release what rides and attractions will be included in the new park, but it is expected feature a Hogwarts castle and a flying broomstick ride. It's supposed to look a lot like the original version at the Florida theme park.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which has led to a 36 percent increase in attendance at the Florida location, has brought more than seven million visitors in its first year.

"People always wonder what it'd be like to go to Hogwarts, to be in that whole world, and it really submerges you into that whole thing," said actor Oliver Phelps, who plays George Weasley in the series.

"To be able to bring it out to Hollywood is fantastic, because when you think of movies you think of Hollywood. So, where better to put this than here."

The new attraction, which is expected to open in 2015, will create approximately 1,000 jobs and bring millions of tourists to the area.

"It's good news overall but I think it makes sense to temper it with reality," said Prof. Paul Habibi of the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

"If you look at 1,000 jobs relative to the [approximately] 700,000 unemployed people we have in L.A. County it's a drop in the bucket. But, on the local level, it should provide a strong im

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