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Pellet Gun Possibly Used To Shatter Windows Of 2 Metro Buses In South L.A.

LOS ANGELES ( — Authorities say the windows of two Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses were shattered, possibly by a pellet gun, in South Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Transit Bureau confirmed to CBS2 that Metro Bus 8488 was traveling on Imperial Highway at Central Avenue Monday night at 7:01 p.m. when four of its windows were shot out.

No injuries were reported on board.

"I was on my phone and then the next thing you know we heard a ricochet and then, I was like, 'What was that?' And he stopped and he said, 'The bus just got shot at,' " Anthony Miller, a passenger, said.

Miller said he was seated next to a window that was hit and said he started "freaking out."

But before he could get on the second bus, which arrived 15 minutes later, a window of that bus was also shattered.

Aerial footage showed an investigator looking over one of the buses and passengers finally boarding a third bus.

Transit officials told CBS2's Erica Nochlin the driver thought he saw the culprits responsible on the side of the street. However, deputies are still searching for the suspects.

Meanwhile, a transit supervisor also told Nochlin Metro buses are hit with pellets, bricks or rocks often. He says, however, this was the first time the second relief bus was also a target.

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