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Why Are There So Many Iowa T-Shirts In Pasadena?

PASADENA (  —   Thousands of football fans have flocked to Pasadena for the big Rose Bowl game between Iowa and Standford.

CBS2's Greg Mills found no shortage of Iowa t-shirts while roaming around Pasadena.

Where's the love for Stanford Cardinal? Apparently, this game means a little more to Iowa perhaps -- it's their first Rose Bowl visit since 1991. Stanford made it last in 2014 -- been there, done that.

"That's right," said Teresa Ball, "It's all about Iowa. Iowa all the way! Woo hoo!"

The Iowa Hawkeyes fans are everywhere, Mills reported.

They're here to support their team and our local economy. Mills asked one man what he had spent.

"Probably about $4-5 thousand," said Troy Ostwinkle.

The fans are easy to spot. They're either in black and gold -- or shorts. To these folks, 50 degrees is warm.

"Heck yeah," said Maddie Putnam, "We're from Iowa!"

And they share the weather report from back home whether you ask for it or not.

"It's 20 degrees back home, so we are loving this," said one fan. "We got eight inches of snow just before we got here," said another.

They're such nice folks, Mills found. They won't just tell you where they're from, they also tell you how to spell it.

"I'm from Okoboji," said Carolyn Hansman.

Sharon Dibble left her husband back in Iowa.

"He's an Iowa State fan," Shanna Dibble quipped, "Sorry!"

It took Mills more than an hour to find a Stanford fan in Pasadena.

"I do like the Hawkeye gear, though, they're got good looking outfits," said Bruce Roen, Stanford fan and Stanford grad.

But he was clear on who was going to come out victorious.

"Stanford," Roen said.

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