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Why Are Men Behaving Inappropriately To Women? A Mental Health Expert Has An Opinion

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) —The claims woman are making against men is shocking and downright bizarre.  The behavior could have something to do with their childhood insecurities and all that power.

High profile celebrities accused of showing their genitals to women without consent has many people wondering why would they do that?

Mental health expert Laura Rhodes-Levin shares her opinion on why a man would walk around naked or perform a sex act in front of a non-consenting woman.

"I do think that some need is trying to be met and some people go about in a way that's healthy pro-social loving and some people meet their needs very tragically," Laura Rhodes-Levin said.

Audio: Can sexual harassment ever be truly prevented?

Allegations also include groping, making unwanted sexual remarks and men forcing themselves on women.

"It kind of reminds me of the animal world," Rhodes-Levin said. "Most males of the species have the big bright colors and they show their stuff and walk around look at me look at me and we're supposed to go wooooo I want to pick that man or bird or money or whatever and I think sexual desire is a basic animal function and it doesn't surprise me that we may seek to meet those needs in a less intellectual way."

And power is what all of these men facing sexual misconduct allegation have in common.

"Quite often we love people the way we were loved, Rhodes-Levin said. So if there's physical abuse in the family you tend to physically abuse your family even though it's distasteful to you so it's possible some of these people were exposed to that at a young age or maybe it is a manifestation of power.

Rhodes-Levin added:

"And I like to ask myself when someone is really seeking power, to me it's an indication of someone inside feeling less than that and they need the power to make them bigger than they are."

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