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What Happens When The Gig Economy Redesigns Halloween?

By Aimy Ngo of Fiverr

The most memorable Halloween costumes aren't bought pre-packaged, but dreamed up and put together with creativity and ingenuity. Not only are these costumes assembled with DIY prowess, they're also inspired by what's most topical in any given year. Tapping into the topical is what Halloween is all about, and the annual tradition presented a great opportunity to see how those timely costume ideas could be realized on a global scale.

Courtesy of Fiverr Courtesy of Fiverr

Fiverr's worldwide community of freelancers presented an ideal proving ground for illustrators from everywhere to take their shot at reimagining 2016's best costumes. After gathering opinions and curating a top ten list, we set our freelancers loose to showcase their talents and creativity with stunning results.

Courtesy of Anna Carmina Creayla/Fiverr. Courtesy of Fiverr

From "Star Wars" to Pokemon Go, some of this year's best costumes were reinterpreted from around the world. From Nigeria, one freelancer provided a unique take on the anti-hero Deadpool. A designer in the UK shared a rendition of what "Finding Dory's" Hank would look like as a Halloween costume. From the Philippines, a freelancer submitted a design that took "Stranger Things" character Eleven and levitated her.

The chance to convert a pop culture theme into a costume design allowed creatives to do exactly what many others will do in the coming days--take the imaginary and turn it into reality. Exemplifying how each costume can be turned into something new with a fresh set of eyes showcases just how endless creative potential can be.

Courtesy of Fiverr. Courtesy of Fiverr

Thanks to the Gig Economy, the barrier to pool global talent is smaller than it's ever been. When leveraged the right way, the freelance economy can do more than outsource work and speed deadlines -- it can help break down some of the walls that limit a global melting pot of ideas. With creative and talented people spread all over the planet, imagine what else can be accomplished.


Aimy Ngo is a Business Development and Market Strategist at Fiverr, the world's most transacted marketplace for creative and professional services. Her focus is on driving growth through strategic partnerships and market opportunities. Aimy has a background in strategic and innovation consulting for Global 500 and FTSE 100 companies. She is a Mogul Influencer, Education Pioneers Fellow and a rising voice in the areas of entrepreneurship, the gig economy and women in tech.

The views, opinions and positions expressed within this guest post are those of the authors alone and do not represent those of CBS Small Business Pulse or the CBS Corporation. The accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made within this article are verified solely by the authors.




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