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What Game? Rams Fans Take On Raiders Nation At Coliseum

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  --  It's a preseason game and it really doesn't matter who wins.

Yeah, right. Try telling that to the fans.

The Oakland Raiders came to town to take on the LA Rams, and as Greg Mills reports there were enough Raiders fans  in the Coliseum to question who was the home team.

The Rams were fired up for their 2018 LA debut. But when they entered the stadium, a decidedly mixed reaction.

That's because the Raiders, a former LA team, and their loyal fans were making themselves at home.

Everywhere you looked, Mills reported, you saw the Raiders just trying to crash the Rams party.

For this day at least, it appeared the Raiders fans were going to take over.

Mills asked one Rams fan if he was scared?

"No, no, they're harmless," he said.

Raiders fans insisted they are loyal but some Rams fans see them a bit differently.

To Mills, they offered up words like "Crazy," "Obnoxious," "Rowdy" and "Loud."

And one Rams fan described Rams nation as "Classy."

Split loyalties have not split up Christina Hernandez (the Raiders fan) and Joey Perez  (the Rams lover) who have been together for 15 years.

Will they still be talking when they get home?

"I don't know about that," she says and laughs.

"Maybe tomorrow," he says.

New for 2018 -- fewer tailgating spots and parking spaces on the Coliseum grounds.

Some parking lots have been moved out because George Lucas' Star Wars Museum is moving in.

Rams fans who came early were able to enjoy Rams Fan-Fest.

The event had a special CBS2/KCAL9 vibe as our morning crew was there. And fans could throw a football pass to a cardboard Jim Hill.

And like most people who attended, our team couldn't resist a pic with Rampage and the Rams cheerleaders.

(For the record, the Rams won 19-15)

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