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West Hollywood On Alert After 2 Possible Gay Bashings

WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Two reported incidents of violence against gay men in West Hollywood has local residents concerned.

Two men, all beaten and/or assaulted and robbed between October 18 and October 22, believe they were targeted because of their sexuality.

At least one of the victims told police his attackers said, "Hey fa---t, what are you doing out here so late?"

The story was first reported by, a blog about West Hollywood happenings.

The man told reporters that his attacker sucker punched him in the face, hit him 3 more times before he fell to the curb. The attacker then kicked the man in the chest before a friend the attacker was with intervened and said "leave the (expletive deleted) queen alone."

The attacker, who also took the victim's cell phone and wallet, is described as a white male, with a shaved head, 6 feet tall and around 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing a dark polo shirt and jeans.

Another victim described a similar suspect in another attack. The next man made eye contact with his suspect but was carrying groceries and couldn't fight back.

As he was being assaulted, the victim told the blog site, he was punched in the throat and about the face about 13 times. "I kept thinking to myself all these ironic thoughts...I can't believe this is happening. I'm a (expletive deleted) hate crime victim."

That man told the blog he felt West Hollywood Sheriff's Deputies weren't exactly helpful. He said they were "insensitive...cavalier even."

West Hollywood Mayor John Duran told Rob Schmitt, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, ironically, before this past week hate crimes in the area were actually on the decline.

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