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'We're Not Gonna Have A Showdown': Protestors, Police Remain Peaceful During Demonstration Outside Mayor's House In Hancock Park

HANCOCK PARK (CBSLA) -- While L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti was working at City Hall, thousands of protesters converged outside his Hancock Park home Tuesday to protest the May 25 deadly arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The demonstration, which remained entirely peaceful, was one of three in Los Angeles County that drew hundreds on Tuesday, which marked the seventh day of unrest for the county.

Speakers stood in front of the crowd, sharing stories and discussing the Black Lives Matter movement. At times they chanted various phrases, including "defund the police."

People began gathering with signs outside the mayor's Hancock Park residence in the afternoon on Tuesday, and they were met with a large police presence.

While some of the other protests in the past week have turned tense, this one did not.

Even as the 6 p.m. countywide curfew rolled around, some of the crowd remained.  LAPD Commander Cory Palka said the officers would not be using a show of force to clear the area.

"The group has been outstanding, cooperative," he said. "They've demonstrated as they needed to. Now, there's a few left who are clearly potentially instigators, but we're not gonna have a showdown here. We're gonna be peaceful, and we're gonna demonstrate compassion here."

Earlier in the afternoon Palka was seen speaking with the organizers of the gathering outside Garcetti's home.

"We just had a dialogue," he said of the conversation. "I hope we came to some kind of mutual understanding [and] that we can continue to move forward."

Palka, who took a knee with protestors in Hollywood on Monday and again with protestors in Hancock Park on Tuesday, condemned the death of George Floyd and said he understood the protestors' message.

"It was a terrible, terrible tragedy and injustice in this country, and it's unacceptable," he said. "We need to fix those injustices."

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