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WeHo Follow-Home-Robbery Early Saturday Morning Under Investigation By Sheriff's Detectives

WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) - The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department was investigating a new follow home robbery that occurred in the early morning hours of Saturday.

WeHo 2
Dec. 4, 2021 (credit: CBS)

The victims had been walking home after a night out, when they were mugged just steps outside their apartment complex in the 800 block of North Kings Road.

Later, sheriff's deputies entered the apartment building where management said two of its tenants were robbed at around 2 a.m. in the morning.

Dave Frank lives in the building next door and said he didn't any commotion, adding that he's, sadly, unsurprised by the latest news in the neighborhood.

"Last couple of months, I've started to worry because we've had break-ins in the building. We've had break-ins in the garage, and it seems like a new thing," Frank said.

The Sheriff's West Hollywood station told CBSLA that two people had been walking home from a nearby bar when they were approached by two men in a dark colored Mercedes.

It's currently unclear what exactly what exactly was stolen.

"I think it's terrible. I think the neighborhood feels more dangerous than it used to, "Frank said.

Last month, a security camera captured three people being robbed at gunpoint and beaten in Hancock Park after they were followed home from a restaurant at the Grove. The crooks wore jackets to impersonate police officers.

That same week, on the same block, a man entered a home where an engagement party was happening and left with cash and money.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it's investigating more than 100 follow home robberies in recent months.

"I think it sort of speaks to the economic conditions in our city right now, and the disparity between people who have a lot and people who don't," said neighbor Justin Yates.

Back on the 800 block of North Kings Road, the mugging happened just blocks away from fashionable Melrose Place.

The victims did not have to be taken to the hospital, but neighbors worry that things will escalate.

"Clearly, we need better patrolling. We're talking about hiring security. We're talking about joining together with buildings in the neighborhood, hiring security," Frank said.

Both building management and the sheriff's department confirm there is video of the latest attack, though at this point, detectives said they are not ready to release it and said they are still working to figure out if the robbers are part of a larger ring.

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