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Wedding Week: A Look At Some Unconventional (And Cheaper) Food Options

SANTA MONICA ( — Good food is as married to a memorable wedding as, well, a bride and groom, so we have a few tips on having a tastier event.

"Food is huge! Everybody wants their wedding to be the best party ever," editor Stephanie Cain said. "If your guests can walk away and say that was the best meal ever…they're definitely going to have a good time at your wedding."

With Southern California couples spending about $81 per guest on food, it is "definitely something to think about when you're creating that budget for your wedding," Cain said.

Food trucks have rolled into the hearts of brides and grooms, thanks to the lower costs and diversity of offerings.

"Cost effective-wise, it's definitely a lot less expensive. You can get a full meal out the door with tax and service charge with $20 per person," Melissa Summers with Roaming Hunger says.

With the recommendation that couples employ one food truck for every 75 guests, Summers helps customers pick out the perfect wedding menu from a selection of 8,500 food trucks. The options are endless – from California fusion bowls to tapas to a stunning array of desserts.

There is one thing that a food truck needs that traditional caterers don't – a permit-friendly event space or public park.

"Make sure there are plenty of spaces for the food trucks to set up and service your guests," Summers says.

Gourmet street food is also hot – think carne asada tacos, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, crepes and Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches – and also a way to pay homage you're the couple's cultural background.

"This is all elevated street food, so they're all bite-size appetizers that you can use in different ways to tell your story, maybe a different place you have been together,"'s Cain said.

If the couple is looking for a delicious cake that's gorgeous too – well, hot cake trends range from geometric shapes to being "naked."

"I think the wedding cake is a huge part of the wedding still," Vanilla Bake Shop's Amy Berman said. "It's so ceremonial. This is the photo they will have for the rest of their lives, of them cutting the cake and it's a sweet ending to the best day of their life."

Editor's Note: The food truck "Roaming Hunger"--  recommended by -- is owned by a relative of a CBS employee.

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