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We Actually Find People NOT Playing Powerball In Norco

LOS ANGELES ( —  Are your legs hurting after all that standing on line for Powerball tickets? Or maybe your arms are strained contemplating how heavy those money bags will be.

You're in luck, even if you don't or didn't win the top prize of $1.5 billion.

Gold's Gym around the country is offering people a free workout if they bring in their Powerball tickets. Presumably, the offer goes to winners and losers, but -- face it -- if someone wins $1.5 billion they don't need a free workout.

In fact, they don't need a free anything. Moreover, with $1.5 billion (give or take $700 million after taxes and the lump sum payout) you can buy your own gym ... with a couple of trainers.

Gold's is offering the free day pass/free workout on Thurs. Jan. 14. Passes are valid to the end of the month. To locate the Gold's nearest you, click here.

Meanwhile, KCAL9's Crystal Cruz was in Norco Wednesday and she actually found people who weren't playing Powerball.

What? Huh? You're kidding!?

We're not.

"I don't have the lottery winner mentality and I usually just prefer to earn my money," said Dave Prajapati.

"My grandma has been playing for 80 years and she's only won $200 so I'm like 'It's not gonna happen.'" said one woman.

It wasn't hard to find many people in Norco just not interested in playing.

"Nah, I'm fine," said one motorist.

"I don't like gambling and I don't want to waste my money," said another woman.

Money isn't everything to many, not even a $ billion plus on the line.

Francis Cox is 100 and believes she has already hit the jackpot.

"She never smoked, never drank, never gambled," said Cox's daughter. And that's how she got to be 100?, Cruz asked.

"That's right," Cox replied.


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