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WATCH: Oak Park Home Engulfed In Flames Collapses As CBS2's Tom Wait Reports Live

List of Closures and Evacuations | Real-Time Updates

OAK PARK, Calif. (CBSLA) -- The devastating Woolsey Fire continues to spread across the Southland, causing the evacuation of over 75,000 homes already in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. CBS 2's Tom Wait witnessed the fire's destructive power firsthand while reporting from Oak Park.

Oak Park Home Engulfed In Flames Collapses As CBS2's Tom Wait Reports Live
An Oak Park home collapses in flames as it is engulfed in flames by the Woolsey Fire. Nov. 9, 2018. (CBS2)

In the video above, Wait is reporting from outside an Oak Park home just after midnight Friday engulfed in flames. Suddenly, the remaining frame of the house comes tumbling to the ground while Wait was in the middle of his report. A stunned Wait describes the terrifying moment as CBS2 anchors ask him for details on what just happened.

"That was a huge section of the home that just came down," said Wait. "Hopefully -- I'm certain that no one was standing near it when that happened, I didn't see anybody. But, wow, that's crazy. And there is just a ton of ash and fire blowing from that house. I don't see how another home isn't going to catch fire with all of this flaming debris blowing around."

The fire began around 2:25 p.m. Thursday afternoon and has continued to grow in scale as it is being pushed by strong Santa Ana winds. Stay with CBS 2 for more updates on the fire as the story progresses.


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