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Actress Minnie Driver, Hollywood Hills Neighbor Locked In Bitter Battle Over Property Lines

HOLLYWOOD HILLS ( — Actress Minnie Driver and her Hollywood Hills neighbor appear to be involved in a nasty dispute that's headed to court in August.

Video provided to CBS2 by an attorney representing Driver's neighbor – 74-year-old Daniel Perelmutter – captured a heated exchange between the pair.

Perelmutter says he has been at odds with Driver for about a year.

"You have destroyed my property," Driver is heard saying in the clip, while Perelmutter counters: "This is my property! This is my property!"

Perelmutter says things got bad after he agreed to allow Driver to put up a gate that butts up to the house he's building.

But, he alleges, she parked her black BMW against his backyard, which prevented his contractors from getting in or out for hours.

Last year, she filed a temporary restraining order against him saying:

"Mr. Perelmutter cursed us, and blew smoke in my children's faces. His aggressive conduct is escalating and we are frightened about what Mr. Perelmutter will do next."

But, he says, he suspects she splattered paint on his home, paint that was filled in baby food jars before they were thrown at the house.

"I confronted her last week with it and she said that I deserved it," Perelmutter alleged.

"Does he have any proof of that?" asked Ed Dwyer, another one of Driver's neighbors.

Dwyer says he and others have also had problems with Perelmutter.

"I would have to say that I'm on Minnie's camp on this one here only because he's been a constant nuisance to everybody," he said.

Driver is taking Perelmutter to court to dispute a decade-old court case over the property lines of their homes. He, on the other hand, is counter-suing for shared access to the southern tip of what he calls "his property."

"I'm not impressed with celebrity," Perelmutter said. "Celebrities are impressed with celebrities."

Driver did not want to speak to CBS2, but her attorney, Ellyn Garofalo, provided the following statement:

"Daniel Perelmutter has been the bane of his neighbors for years. Ten years ago, the previous owners of Ms. Driver's home were forced to sue Mr. Perelmutter for interfering with their ability to use a common driveway to reach their property. Mr. Perelmutter filed this lawsuit in retaliation for a contempt proceeding in which Ms. Driver alleges that Mr. Perelmutter is back to his old tricks and had violated the 2006 Court order entered against him. Mr. Perelmutter's recent misconduct affect not only Ms. Driver, but the other homeowners who share the driveway with Mr. Perelmutter. These neighbors fully support Ms. Driver and are working with her to stop Mr. Perelmutter from his ongoing violations of the 2006 Court order and restore access to their homes. Mr. Perelmutter's lawsuit is frivolous and will be successfully defended."

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