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Want To House A Homeless Family On Your Property? LA County Plan Would Pay You For It

LOS ANGELES ( — County officials are considering a plan to offer incentives to homeowners to build a second dwelling on their property as part of a plan to offer housing to the homeless.

The pilot program proposed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors would allow homeowners in unincorporated areas to receive subsidies up to $75,000 for the construction of "accessory dwelling units" (ADUs).

Other homeowners may also get up to $50,000 for the remodeling and legalization of an existing unpermitted dwelling.

The Board in a 4-0 vote Tuesday approved the $550,000 plan, which could be completed within 18 months.

While the pilot program is aimed at curbing homelessness in L.A. County, the report acknowledges potential uphill challenges, including whether the incentives are substantial enough to attract homeowners and how promoting such upgrades would impact the inventory of affordable housing in the Southland.

If you want more information or you are interested in getting involved, the county is already accepting emails from people at

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