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Walgreens Sued For $525 Million Over Shooting Death

LADERA HEIGHTS (CBSLA) — The family of a man shot to death inside a Hollywood Walgreens last week is now suing for more than a half billion dollars.

An armed security guard killed Jonathan Hart, claiming he was shoplifting. But the family's attorney, Carl Douglas, says Hart was targeted.

Douglas held a news conference announcing the $525 million lawsuit Tuesday at his Ladera Heights law office.

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He is also demanding that L.A. County District Attorney Jackie Lacey charge the man, who has not been publicly named and who has not been arrested or charged yet.

"John was not shoplifting when he was shot," said Douglas.

The armed security guard who shot him said that Hart was shoplifting and that Hart had shoved him.

Douglas said Hart and the guard shoved each other once. Hart started to run. The guard yelled "freeze" as he pointed his gun and Hart continued running toward the door.

"The guard fires one shot, striking the man in the back of the neck," said Douglas.

Douglas said the autopsy he has seen proves that. He called it a civil rights violation and called for a boycott of Walgreens.

Douglas was highly critical of Walgreens' policy, which he alleges places armed security guards only in neighborhoods frequented by minorities and the homeless.

Walgreens confirmed that the security guard employed at the Sunset and Vine store and the security guard who did the shooting have been fired.

Douglas said that Hart had a loving family and was homeless by choice and was "trying to find himself."

Late Tuesday afternoon Walgreens issued another statement saying they are cooperating fully.

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