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Virginia Man Called Cops After Hard Foul In Pickup Basketball Game

Sterling, VA (CBS Local)- A pickup game at a LA Fitness gym in Virginia took a serious turn when one of the participants called the police after being fouled.

The visit from the police was captured in a photo posted to Twitter with the caption: "Today for the first time in my life...I experienced someone call the police because they got fouled hard in basketball".

The user who posted the photo to Twitter spoke to Fox 5 in DC about the incident. He told the station that the man who called the police is a regular at the LA Fitness in Dulles Town Center and has played basketball there many times.

Apparently, the man ran into a hard screen during the course of the pickup game and was knocked to the floor. According to the witness, identified as Aaron, the man was upset by the screen and threatened to call the police before walking off the court. Aaron believed the man was joking, but sure enough the man went to the front desk to call 911.

"When the cops came, he was like, 'why are you wasting my time?'" Aaron told FOX 5.

The gym has confirmed that the incident occurred, but there is no surveillance footage of the incident because there are no cameras focused on the court. The Loudon County Sheriff's Office has yet to comment.

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