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Shocking Video Captures Group Of Parents Accused Of Throwing Punches, Pulling Hair Outside California High School

HEMET ( — A disturbing clip has surfaced that shows a group of parents who are accused of exchanging punches outside of a California high school.

The incident unfolded Wednesday outside of Tahquitz High School, which is located on Tital Trail in Hemet.

The clip allegedly shows a group of parents throwing punches, pulling hair, and kicking each other in front of the school. It has since gone viral.

"It's horrible to hear something like that that's happening at your student's school," said one parent. "That's not a good example at all."

The video was shot on Wednesday and has now gone viral with thousands of views, and opinions are flying faster than the fists captured on tape.

"Think about it before you do it in front of your kids. It's one thing behind closed doors. It's another thing when there are no kids around but when you are there with kids, it's just not an example you want to set," Amber Pifundi, a mother, said.

CBS2 has since learned that a few parents seen in the clip live in the same apartment complex and that the issues arose there, and carried over to the campus.

"They say this, they say that. This one gets on Twitter, and calls the other girl a … it's a bunch of girls fighting over [expletive] boys," said a neighbor.

According to a district spokesperson, school leaders were saddened the brawl overshadowed the last day of school.

Parents say this type of behavior gives Hemet a bad name, and that those involved should be ashamed.

"I moved here without knowing about the city and we've only been here a year and we're already leaving," said a resident.

An officer with the Hemet Police Department says police were not aware of the fight until Friday night. No arrests have been made.


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