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Vin Scully Hosts Press Conference Regarding Return For 2016 Season

LOS ANGELES ( — Vin Scully announced that he will return for his 67th season next year as the Dodgers broadcaster last night at the Dodger game and fans couldn't be happier.

Vin Scully has been the soundtrack to so many highlights dating back to 1950, when he originally started working with the Dodgers when he was just 22 years old. That was when the team was located in Brooklyn.

"For a year at least, more than that, I was terrified," Scully said of his early days covering the Dodgers in Brooklyn.

65 years later, The 87-year old hinted on Saturday that this upcoming season could very well be his last.

"I would say realistically, and I don't wan't any headlines, but I would say next year would be the last one," Scully said.

"I mean, how much longer can you go on fooling people? So yeah, I would be saying, Dear God, if you give me next year, I will hang it up," he added.

Dodger fans across Los Angeles are thrilled that Scully is going to return for yet another season.

Tim Egger said of Scully, "Living legend might get over-used, but he's the real deal."

Actor and Director Ron Howard also commented on Scully's announcement, tweeting that Scully is "A true maestro and genius."

According to Scully, he could cut back on the amount of games he covers in 2016, and that once he leaves the Dodgers, he will not be back.

Scully says he does not know what he will do in retirement, but at a certain point, "enough is enough".

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