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Vigil Held To Help 'Bring Lexi Home' After 6-Year-Old Is Removed From Foster Family Because Of Indian Child Welfare Act

SANTA CLARITA (   —  Oral arguments begin Friday in the case of a Santa Clarita couple trying to regain custody of a 6-year-old Native American girl who was taken from their home as part of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Tonight, friends and family held a vigil outside the home where the little girl used to reside, The emotional vigil was held to "Bring Lexi Home."

KCAL's Elsa Ramon attended the vigil.

Rusty and Summer Page eased their anxiety Wednesday evening by surrounding themselves with music, prayer and friends.

They are rallying support and strength for the next legal step in bringing back the girl they had been fostering since she was 2-years-old.

Lexi was removed from their home back in March by the Department of Children and Family Services. The girl's Native American heritage made it necessary for her to be raised by relatives in Utah.

"The facts haven't changed," said Rusty, "the facts have gotten stronger for Lexi staying with us."

(credit: CBS)

Oral arguments begin Friday in the California Court of Appeals.

A judge could decide to let Lexi return to Santa Clarita.

"That's what we hope for," said Rusty, "we've seen a lot of very quick responses from this court. and the lower court has been slow but the Court of Appeals has been very fast in their decisions and their judgements."

"There are a lot of people who love Lexi," Summer added, "and will show their support."

The Pages told Ramon that if the appeals court doesn't return Lexi and rule in their favor they are prepared to take the next legal step to bring the girl back home to Santa Clarita.


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