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Vigil For Man Gunned Down At Encino House Party

ENCINO (CBSLA) — A scene of mourning and heartbreak tonight as family and friends of Guillermo Hernandez gathered for a vigil at the spot where he was gunned down.

As CBSLA's Tom Wait reports, Guillermo's father was among those grieving and says his son's death makes it difficult to live.

"The day that I heard the news I could not believe it," he said. "How hard it is for me to stay alive. But I have my wife. I got my other kids. My daughter. So that's why I'm here."

Guillermo was shot and killed early Sunday morning on Miranda in Encino. He was at a house party. At some point late at night or early in the morning a fight broke out. Witnesses say the homeowner asked uninvited guests to leave. One of them left and came back with a gun. Guillermo's parents say their son was waiting for a ride home when he was attacked.

"Just waiting for an Uber when this happened," said Guillermo's father.

Guillermo's father says the love here will help him grieve, knowing his son touched many lives.

"He has a lot of friends. You see that. What can I say. we lost my kid," said Guillermo's father.

Detectives say the homeowner was also shot but he survived.

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