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Video: Shark Bites Fish Being Reeled In Off Cape Cod

Chatham, Mass. (CBS Boston/ CBS Local) – Fishermen hoping to catch stripers off Monomoy Island hooked one, but then they got more they bargained for.

A 12-foot great white decided he wanted the bass, so he helped himself, chomping on the striper. The charter captain was amazed.

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(credit: CBS)

"At one point the shark had the striper in its mouth, all the way up to the gills," Capt. Len Greiner said. "And he pulled real hard and he snatched it out of the shark's mouth. So the shark came back and bit its tail off and then was trying to get the rest of it, swam right up to the boat and almost pinned it against the boat."

The fisherman won the nautical tug of war, landing the striper, but the shark took a few bites for himself.

Striped Bass bitten by shark off Monomoy Island (Image from Magellan Deep Sea Fishing Charters)

"Followed it right up to the boat, it was so cool to see it," Greiner said. "They're so girthy, it was probably 700 pounds, 800 pounds."

Greiner is an experienced fisherman. He has seen an awful lot on the water over the years, but this hungry shark provided something brand new.

"No, I've never seen a shark be that aggressive, never, no, and he was all excited, his tail was all up and what not," Greiner said.

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