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Video Captures Wandering Naked, Bloodied Teen Suspected Of Trying To Get Into Cars Near School

UPDATE: The mother of a naked and bloodied 19-year-old man accused of accosting drivers in Victorville spoke out Tuesday about the incident. READ MORE

VICTORVILLE ( — Graphic video captured images of a naked man who's accused of trying to get into vehicles near a school in the high desert.

The area along El Evado and Seneca roads in Victorville is usually filled with school buses, parents and students.

And on Monday morning, witnesses say a naked man covered in blood was wandering the streets.

They say the man was difficult to comprehend and was yelling at times.

"You couldn't even make out what he was actually saying," said Lydia Lopez, a witness. "He was just screaming, 'Ahhh!' And just constantly screaming."

Footage captured the man getting into confrontations with some of the parents who had to repel him from their vehicles, reported CBS2/KCAL9 Reporter Tom Wait.

"He was out of his mind. He was like speaking in tongues. He was … didn't feel no pain," said a man named "Sam," who saw the commotion and attempted to help a woman who kept pushing the suspect away.

"I was stopping the school buses. I was telling them to turn around because there's a bunch of kids on there and there's a naked man," "Sam" said.

At one point, as seen in the video, "Sam" kicked the naked teenager to the ground. He also kicked him in the groin after he got back up and yelled at him.

Lopez shot cellphone video that has now gone viral. She had her three young children in the car with her.

"It really did look like more of a like zombie," Lopez said. "He was in a zombie state of mind in a way 'cause looking at his face, you can just tell. He just wasn't there. It didn't even look like he knew what he was doing."

The ordeal lasted up to ten minutes before police arrived.

When officers did, they tried to subdue the man and get him to obey their commands. Police said the man also tried to steal their patrol car.

Authorities eventually arrested the suspect who they identified as 19-year-old Daniel Anglin. Anglin is accused of being under the influence of drugs, carjacking, and breaking into a nearby apartment.

"At first, when I saw the guy I was angry, but when I see his face and saw that he was a young kid, obviously he was under the influence of something," "Sam" said. "I have a 19-year-old son myself and that could have been anybody's kid out there."

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