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Video Captures Priceless Moment When Pizza Delivery Man Realizes He Won $1.2 Million

HEMET ( — Cameras captured the priceless moment when a Hemet pizza delivery man realized he had won a $1.2 million jackpot.

It happened a couple of weeks ago at Paradise Express Liquor Store in Hemet.

It was there that the man, identified as Joseph, found out that he had won.

Efrain Murillo, the store manager, is seen in the clip giving Joseph a high-five. He says that moment was exhilarating.

"Like I practically standing next to $1.2 million and didn't even know it this whole time so I was really excited," he said.

Murillo says Joseph seemed to deserve the money.

He works as a pizza delivery man at the Pizza Hut down the street and apparently planned to move from his apartment this week because of high rent.

"To me, it was just kind of perfect timing for him, you know," said Murillo.

At first, he says, Joseph thought he only won $4,000.

"Like, I'm looking at it and I said, 'Bro, I think you won a lot more than $4,000, you know,' " Murillo said.

Instead, it was $1.2 million and it's not bad for the store, either!

Not only did Paradise Express get several thousand dollars from the lottery for selling the winning ticket, Murillo says sales have skyrocketed.

"I think I've sold more Scratchers in the last two weeks than I have in the last two months," he sad.

Murillo is hoping the luck sticks around the store as more Scratchers are sold.

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