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Video Surfaces Of Alleged Racial Profiling At Torrance Starbucks

TORRANCE (CBSLA) — The Starbucks racial controversy rages on.

First it was Philly. This time in L.A. when a manager reportedly refused to give the bathroom code to a black man.

As CBSLA's Randy Paige reports, while the nation's attention was riveted on Philadelphia today, after two African-American men were arrested in a Starbucks there after asking to use the restroom, another video has surfaced. This time in Torrance.

Brandon Ward says it happened on Jan. 23 and he documented that date by posting his cellphone video on Instagram that same day.

Ward says after he walked into the Starbucks in Torrance, he asked if he could have the code to get into the restroom.

"I'm like 'can I make a purchase after I use the restroom?' She's like 'you must make a purchase before and then we can give you the code,' " said Ward.

Moments later Ward says he saw another customer walk in.

"He goes straight to the cashier 'hey I need the code.' They grant him the code so. He goes toward the bathroom."

That's when Ward grabbed his cellphone and began recording.

Ward then followed the customer, named Westin, up to the counter.

The clerk who identifies herself as the store manager noticed Ward is recording video.

A security guard then moved in and informed Ward he would have to leave.

"Is it my skin color? Is it my skin color? This is about to go on social media."

When he first started recording, Ward asked Westin if he was known in this Starbucks.

Westin said no when Ward asked him if he was told that he looked like someone familiar.

So Ward asks, why are two total strangers to the Starbucks staff treated so differently?

Then he offers this answer:

"It's race. It's the color of your skin. Because I'm just a respectable young man and I'm trying to carry myself in that manner. It makes everything hard and it hurts."

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