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Former Mexico President Vicente Fox Blasts Trump During L.A. Visit

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Former Mexican president Vicente Fox wasted no time getting to his criticism of President Donald Trump at Wednesday conference hosted by the Los Angeles World Affairs Council called "A View from Mexico"

Mexico's 55th president has never held back his disdain for president Trump, posting taunting videos on YouTube.

It was clear the bad blood hasn't changed , when he answered questions from the press about NAFTA, DACA and the border wall that Trump insists will be paid for by Mexico.

"We will not build that (bleeping) wall," Fox said.

That response has become his catchphrase he uses on his twitter page with a hashtag.

Fox also made it clear he feels Trump is dead wrong when it comes to his position on DACA.

"Those strong dreamers, those young extremely well-educated dreamers that have been here in the United States for almost all their life, that's the greatest asset a nation can have."

It's an issue close to home for some of the students from local high schools, who were given the opportunity to ask Fox questions themselves.

The former president also blasted trumps position on NAFTA, saying trump's opinion on the trade agreement is setting the U.S. back economically.

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