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Veterans Patrol Notorious Pasadena Bridge To Raise Awareness For PTSD, Suicide Prevention

PASADENA ( — Military veterans patrolled the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena on Tuesday night as a symbolic gesture to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Hundreds of veterans from across the country were walking the bridge as part of Wellness Works' Not On My Watch campaign to help fellow veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The campaign also looks to curb a staggering suicide rate the group identifies as 23 veterans per day.

The bridge earned the daunting nickname of "Suicide Bridge" after the Great Depression in the 20th century, and dozens of calls from there still come in each year.

"The Not On My Watch event brings the community to an awareness that veterans can be helped," Wellness Works therapist Kathy Lynch said. "All you have to do is just understand their trials."

The nonprofit group uses a holistic approach through therapy and craniosacral massage.

"The VA is happy to give men drugs to help them with PTSD, but holistic medicine seems to be working a whole lot better," Vietnam War veteran Ben Hayes said.

Veterans are signed up for 24-hour shifts to patrol the bridge through Saturday.

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