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'I'm Scared Every Day:' Father Of High-Speed Pursuit Suspect, Army Vet Says Son Suffers From PTSD

WEST COVINA ( — Rarely do we find out what was going on with the driver in a pursuit.

But Gary Hidalgo is speaking out after his son, who he says suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), was arrested following a high-speed chase Saturday.

"I'm scared every day," he said. "It's hard. I don't know what to do."

Gary says his son, Christian, was injured a few years ago serving oversees in the Army.

"He looks at you like he's OK ... He looks normal. But there's something that's a trigger that I have no idea how to handle or manage," he said.

Gary says his 26 year old son called him from the VA in Los Angeles describing suicidal symptoms and left before seeing a specialist.

He then led officers on a high-speed pursuit that ended with a PIT maneuver feet from Gary's home in Ontario.

"He was in a ghost mode," the father said. "After watching the video several times, I'm amazed he drove the way he did."

Chad Evans says he's a medically retired Marine with PTSD. He described what Christian could be going through.

"When this young man is oversees protecting his country, he's living in a situation of vigilance, hyper-vigilance," he said.

According to Chad, it can be difficult to turn off that level of awareness — and that can be exhausting.

"That's why I'm reaching out to you or anybody that will listen. It's hard," Gary said.

Christian is in jail facing charges of evasion and assault with a deadly weapon.

He is due in court Wednesday.


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