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Ventura County Named Most Desirable Place To Live Nationwide

VENTURA ( — The U.S. Department of Agriculture has named Ventura County the most desirable place to live in America.

The reasons include mild sunny winters, temperate summers, low humidity, topographic variations and access to a body of water.

"We live in Sherman Oaks now and we probably prefer to live here," said Loretta Clark-Theurer, who has been vacationing in Ventura County several times a year with her husband for the previous 15 years.

Hamid Lashkari, a longtime real estate broker and property manager, says the comfortable weather allows him to take a casual Friday approach to his business.

"This is how I walk around all year-round," said Lashkari, donning a T-shirt and jeans.

But things aren't perfect.

In fact, a new UC Riverside study found that the inland area of Ventura and Oxnard could be vulnerable to the effects of an earthquake-generated tsunami.

"Move to Oklahoma and worry about tornadoes, you know? I don't lose any sleep over it," said Denny Theurer, a Sherman Oaks resident.

Despite the potential danger that lies below, Theurer hopes to eventually move to the county.

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