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Venice Beach Wants Women To Be Able To Sunbathe Topless, Just Like Men

VENICE ( — Venice Beach neighborhood officials want women to have the right to sunbathe topless.

The Venice Neighborhood Council approved topless sunbathing for women on the sand in Venice at Tuesday night's meeting.

The motion, which has to go to the L.A. City Council for approval before women can remove their tops, reads:

"Whereas Venice Beach was founded and designed around the European culture of Venice, Italy, and

"Whereas topless bathing is commonplace throughout Europe, much of the rest of the world and many places within the U.S., and

"Whereas Venice Beach has been a safe haven for liberal views and free expression, and

"Whereas historically Venice Beach allowed nude bathing,

"Therefore be it resolved that The Venice Neighborhood Council supports women being afforded the same rights as men to sunbathe topless on the sands of Venice Beach."

The motion was approved 12-2.

"While I appreciate the idea and find it interesting, right now my priorities for Venice are increasing public safety and housing the homeless," LA City Councilman Mike Bonin said in a statement.

Chloe Greenfield, a frequent visitor to Venice, says she supports the proposal.

"Personally, I think that women have the right to their own bodies," she said. "Here's the problem with that -- sexual harassment stems from a bigger issue than women's bodies being on display, because personally coming down to Venice, I'm harassed on an almost daily basis."

Los Angeles Municipal Code currently prohibits topless sunbathing.

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