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Vendor Selling T-Shirts With Swastikas Asked To Leave USC

LOS ANGELES ( — A vendor was asked to leave USC after students confronted him over the T-shirts with swastikas he was selling.

The vendor said he was trying to "spark a dialogue" with the shirts, one of which were black, with white and pink printing. Underneath the words, "Friends of the Swastika" were several variations of the symbol, including one inside a Star of David, forming a photomosaic-style, larger white swastika.

Student-run Annenberg Media posted video of students arguing vehemently over the shirts.

Students upset by vendor selling swastika T-shirts by Annenberg Media on YouTube

In a statement, USC said, "A vendor was asked to leave because the items he was selling led to the vendor causing a disruption on campus. The merchandise the vendor was selling did not meet community standards, per USC guidelines for vendors who wish to sell goods and services on campus."


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