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Vegas Shooting Survivors Now Proud Parents Of Baby Girl

YUCAIPA (CBSLA) — A San Bernardino County couple who survived last year's massacre in Las Vegas is now celebrating a new life. They are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl who was actually with them on that tragic night.

It took nine long months for little Rosalie to come into this world but her mom knows it only takes an instant for your whole world to be turned upside down.

Las Vegas shooting survivor Kami Biorkman described how she and her husband Elijah ran for their lives during October's mass shooting in Las Vegas.

"As soon as the bullets stopped, we kept running until we got to our truck," she said.

She had just found out she was three weeks pregnant when they went to the Route 91 Music Festival.

And they were growing uncomfortable being so close to the stage.

"If I wasn't pregnant we would have just toughed it out -- the drinking, the marijuana, the cigar smoke," said Kami.

Kami says they moved farther back into the crowd to protect the baby growing inside her and just moments before people started dropping behind her.

"In moving back to protect her, really, she saved us," said Kami.

Kami says she later learned a woman who was standing right beside her by the stage gushing about how much she loved Jason Aldean, excitedly taking photos, was one of the 59 people shot to death that day.

"That very easily could have been me," said Kami.

At just two weeks old Rosalie is technically one of the youngest survivors of the mass shooting.

Her parents think it's incredible that she's already made her mark on this world.

"I think that's just what we'll tell her is simply that she saved us," said Kami. "If I hadn't been pregnant with her, we might not be here, and that I think it's pretty cool that a 3-week-old embryo can do that."

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