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Use Makeup For A More Youthful Appearance With Tips From Veil Cosmetics Co-Founder

STUDIO CITY ( — Most people now are striving for a younger look!

Well, celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Veil Cosmetics, Sebastien Tardif, is here to help!

Tardif stopped by KCAL9 Tuesday to reveal the top makeup mistakes women make that give them an older appearance and offered simple tips for a more youthful appearance.

7 Most Common Mistakes:

• Mistake # 1 Using heavy wax based concealers to cover the whole face when covering flaws.

Heavy wax based concealers are too heavy, high maintenance and create fine lines and texture under the eyes.

By covering the whole face, the makeup sits in wrinkles and builds up on the skin, dulling the natural glow of young skin.

Solution: Use a light a weightless, liquid concealer Such as Veil Illuminating Complexion Fix on the flaw and leave the parts of the skin that are flawless to remain uncovered.

• Mistake # 2: Setting makeup with powder

Using powder to set not only adds an extra layer to the surface of the skin, which is an instant ager, but powder falls into lines and wrinkles making them more pronounced.

Solution:  A self-setting, drift resistant treatment concealer will hold your base makeup in place without adding years to your appearance or blotting papers to soak up excess shine.

• Mistake # 3: Adding dark bronzers to the face

Dark bronzers don't provide the illumination that youthful skin has and will dull complexion making women look older.

Solution: Only use a soft hued silky-based lightweight face color to add warmth and color to the face.

• Mistake # 4: Using blush to add color to the face

Blush can look artificial and make the face look painted rather than illuminated. It can also create a harshness to your appearance and added years.

Solution: Use sheer and pastel based blush to easily build desired lift and healthy looking appearance rather than painting the cheek.

• Mistake # 5:  Over plucked, thin eyebrows

Thin eyebrows are not only out of fashion, but they make the eyes appear set back and age the face.

Solution:  Instead keep the brow trimmed, but more natural to keep the appearance youthful. And keep the arch natural and not severe.

• Mistake # 6: Eyeliner on the bottom of the eye will make the eye look smaller and set back

Solution:  Place eyeliner on the upper eye lash line to open it up and add brightness to the face. Use soft pastel colored eye shadow to brighten the eye.

Mistake # 7:  Heavy lined lips and dark hues of lipstick with thick gloss

Lip gloss isn't in fashion and instantly dates you

Dark browns and purples are not on trend and add an older look to the face and can also make teeth look more yellow.

Over drawn lip with heavy liner paints the lip and ages the appearance of the mouth.

Solution:  Use a shear based, bright or pastel color, which is more current and adds luminosity to the face.

For more information, visit Veil Cosmetics.

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