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Over 200 Women Now Suing USC, Accusing Gynecologist George Tyndall Of Sexual Assault, Misconduct

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Fifty-one more women have come out to speak publicly against former University of Southern California health center gynecologist George Tyndall, bringing the number of accusers suing the school to over 200.

The women addressed reporters at a Monday press conference, detailing the disturbing behavior that time and time again was reportedly defended by staff members at the Engemann Student Health Center.

Former USC student Amanda Davis recalled a 2000 visit, during which Tyndall took photos of her and claimed they were for research purposes.

"I have a vivid image of being naked while Dr. Tyndall took pictures and the shame and the emotions that go with it," Davis said, reading a prepared statement.

Numerous women have stated Tyndall watched them undress and proceeded to violate them during pelvic exams.

"I don't recall him putting gloves on, and he did not do a standard gynecological exam. It felt more like I was being molested by an unwanted sexual predator," said Annette Richardson.

Richardson said she told staff at the center, including a nurse, about her mistreatment. "She said, 'That's just how Dr. Tyndall is,'" recalled Richardson.

It's a claim USC is finding harder and harder to defend as women accuse the school and the clinic of trying to cover up the abuse.

Tyndall, 71, has denied any wrongdoing, saying he never examined a woman without gloves in interviews with the L.A. Times, which broke the story back in May.

During their investigation, the Times found that, in addition to the alleged sexual impropriety, Tyndall made racially insensitive remarks and comments about the women's appearance.

USC terminated Tyndall's employment in June 2017, about a year after USC's Office of Equity and Diversity launched an investigation into his alleged behavior.

Following the Times' revelations, two top USC health officials were fired. USC President Max Nikias stepped down after over 200 faculty members signed a letter demanding his ouster.

According to the Times, 225 current and former students are now suing USC.

This is the latest scandal USC has been dealing with in the past few years.

Carmen Puliafito stepped down as dean of the USC Keck School of Medicine in 2016 after it was revealed he had partied with underage girls and provided drugs to his girlfriend, who was a prostitute. Just last week, the California medical board ordered Puliafito be stripped of his license to practice medicine, the Times reported.

Another scandal involved a USC graduate student accusing social work professor Erick Guerrero of sexually harassing her at an academic conference. Guerrero was suspended without pay in 2017 and was prohibited from working with doctoral students for three years.

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