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USC Coach's Alcohol Expense Reports At University Of Washington Under Scrutiny

LOS ANGELES ( —  USC Football Coach Steve Sarkisian is finding himself in more hot water.

Last weekend, he mixed alcohol and medication and was heard during a pep rally swearing and acting inappropriately.

He apologized for the display.

Now, some alcohol expense accounts he filed asking for reimbursement are being questioned.

A report in the Seattle Times says Sarkisian was reimbursed for more than $1,000 for alcohol while he was a coach at the University of Washington.

The alcohol was purchased for group retreats in 2012 and 2013, the report stated.

A school spokesperson called the expenses "legitimate."

CBS2 Sports Director Jim Hill said Sarkisian has been trying to get back to the subject of football but the stories about drinking apparently aren't going away.

Reporters asked Sarkisian about the expenses during practice Thursday at USC.

"There are a lot of things that can get detailed positively out of this, or negatively quite honestly," Sarkisian said, "I guess, but the reality was, I was the head coach. And I took the receipt. I don't feel bad about people eating dinner and having a good time. There weren't people drinking and driving. It's unfortunate that that is the focus of the time that was spent because there was a lot of real quality dialog that took place in that weekend."

On Tuesday, Sarkisian said he did not believe he had a problem with alcohol but said he promised to no longer drink during football season.

Hill believes the alcohol story will continue to appear "until USC starts winning a lot of games and makes these stories go into the background."

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