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US Army Nurse Reunites With 10-Year-Old Afghanistan War Victims In LA

LOS ANGELES ( — A U.S. Army nurse was reunited Friday with two 10-year-old war victims that she saved while serving in Afghanistan.

Lynette Fisher-Austin, known as Captain Sam, flew from Maryland to Los Angeles to meet with Abdul and Shah Bibi Tarakhail for the first time in nearly two years.

In July 2013, a rocket blast landed in the back yard of a remote village in Afghanistan, which injured Abdul, who was 8 at the time, while he gardened with his brother, sister and father. His brother was killed in the incident.

Abdul lost his right leg from the hip down, shattered his left leg, lost parts of his genital area and sustained injuries throughout his body from shrapnel.

Shah Bibi, also 8 at the time, lost her an arm and an eye to a bomb that killed her playmates.

"They were in this situation that is just beyond any parents' or anyone's belief of what could happen," Sam explained. "Your heart goes out to them."

(credit: CBS)

Sam visited the children daily at a NATO hospital for three months until they were transported to a safe house in Kabul prior to their arrival in Los Angeles.

Through the help of Sam, the Children of War Foundation secured medical care at Shriner's Hospital Los Angeles for Abdul and Shah Bibi.

Abdul underwent four extensive operations, which included therapy in Los Angeles. He also underwent oral surgery at Glendale Surgical Associates.

Abdul is now able to walk on his own with a full prosthetic leg. Shah Bibi has a prosthetic arm and excels at art.

"I'm just excited to see that they were given an opportunity to experience a better part of life and have those things that make them able to be children," added Sam.

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