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Caught On Video: Woman, 76, Forcibly Removed From Union Station Reserved Seats

LOS ANGELES ( — A woman was caught on video being forcibly removed from reserved seating at Union Station, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says they are investigating the arrest.

A witness says her 76-year-old friend often comes to Union Station to sit and talk and had a card from a Metro officer she thought allowed her to sit in the reserved seating area.

When deputies asked her to leave, she asked for her cane and a confused grab for the woman's bag ensued.

The woman who recorded the video, who asked she be identified only as Tina, said the deputy handcuffed one of her friend's hands as she reached for her bag.

"They handcuffed her, and in the process of trying to handcuff her other arm, they slammed her head on the armrest of the wooden chair where we were sitting," Tina said.

The woman was released later that night to her family. It's not clear if she will face charges.

The sheriff's department says they are reviewing the video and will talk to witnesses about the arrest.

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