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Unarmed Teen's Autopsy Reveals Pasadena Police Shot Him 7 Times

PASADENA (CBS) — Kendrec McDade's autopsy was released Friday and it revealed he was shot seven times with three of the bullets causing fatal injuries.

McDade, 19, was the unarmed teen shot and killed by Pasadena police on March 24.

The autopsy also showed McDade was not shot in the back. The report documented that McDade sustained seven wounds, and notes that "three of the wounds were fatal due to lacerated arteries, including two to his lower abdomen and one to his upper right arm, back to front.

Asked if he was pleased with the conclusions of the report, Deputy Pasadena Police Department Chief Darryl Qualls replied that "as a police department, we want the truth to be examined and to come out."

The shooting is being concurrently investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice's Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, the sheriff's Office of Independent Review and Pasadena Police Department, Qualls said.

Amanda Burden, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke with the McDade family Friday.

Kenneth McDade says seeing the autopsy report is like re-living his son's death all over again. "You read some of the graphic stuff and pictures pop in your head that you don't want to see and it just turns your stomach ... to know that happened to your child. It's messed up. My son shouldn't have had to suffer like that."

While the Pasadena Police are stressing there are no gunshot wounds to the back, McDade attorney Caree Harper isn't buying it. "When you say that bullet 3, that entered the rear, depicted here on the backside is not the backside of my client, that's a lie."

McDade was shot in the back of his arms. Police say that is because he was running, and while pumping his arms, the bullets entered his body from the reat.

Harper believes it was intentional. "Nearly each of the bullets, the trajectory of the bullets, were going downward. That means Kendrec was either getting shot as he was falling or while he was on the ground."

Police shot McDade after responding to a report that he and a friend robbed a taco truck at gunpoint. But there was no gun or weapon found.

McDade's father knows what he wants. "I want the two officers to go to jail. To lose their jobs and lose ... just like we did."

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