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UCLA Students Hold Rally After Alleged Hate Crimes Against Asians

WESTWOOD ( — Hundreds of UCLA students held a rally against hate Thursday morning following the discovery of racially and sexually offensive messages toward Asian women on campus.

Vandals reportedly typed "Asian women R ****** white-boy worshipping ******" on a piece of paper and placed it on a banner outside of the Vietnamese Student Union office at Kerckhoff Hall on Tuesday.

The first inappropriate word in the note was a racial term often used in the '70s to describe Caucasian people.

The second word referenced a woman who sells her body.

Student Anees Hasnain said, "I noticed that there was a flyer on top of their banner and it seemed kind of out of place. I saw what it said. And I was shocked that someone would go out of their way to post such a hateful message."

The same inappropriate words were written in ink on the inside wall at Ackerman Union on Tuesday afternoon.

A third message was written on a woman's bathroom stall in Powell Library on Wednesday.

Janina Montero, UCLA's Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, said the university is on the students' side.

"Try to understand the university is with you. We love you. You are part of UCLA," she said.

Campus police are investigating the incidents as a potential hate crime.


UCLA Police Investigate Alleged Hate Crime Against Asian Women

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