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Uber & Goodwill Los Angeles Team Up To Make Spring Cleaning Easy

LOS ANGELES ( — Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Uber wants to help!

The rideshare company has teamed up with Goodwill Los Angeles to help users donate clothes quickly and easily.

On Saturday, Ubers users in Los Angeles and more than 50 other cities across the United States and abroad will be able to donate with the touch of a button.

Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., customers can sign on to Uber, request GIVE at the bottom of the screen and an SUV will arrive to pick up the items and drop them off at participating locations at no cost!

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Goodwill for #UberSpringCleaning this Saturday. By donating, you're not only checking a box on your to-do list, but also supporting Goodwill in its mission of job placement and training for people in your community," Uber said in a statement.

All items must be in bags and drivers cannot leave their vehicles unattended, so Uber asks customers to bring the items to the SUV when the driver arrives.

Those who donate will receive a follow-up email with tax receipt information.

For anyone who cannot donate on Saturday, find the nearest Goodwill location donation center here.

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