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Uber Decides To Refund Fee For Woman Who Says She Was Hit With $100 'Bodily Fluid' Charge

WEST HOLLYWOOD ( — Uber says the company has decided to refund a cleaning fee for a woman who was hit with a $100 charge after utilizing the service Sunday night.

Annie Pho told CBS2's Amy Johnson she used Uber to travel to her friend's West Hollywood home as she didn't want to walk 1 mile when much of the region was getting hit by a storm.

Pho, who has used the popular ride-sharing service many times before, said she never imagined she would get hit with the hefty bill.

"It was pouring rain, so I just decided to take an Uber," she said. "And the next day, I got slapped with a $100 charge for a cleaning fee for bodily fluids."

Uber does on its website list cleaning fees for cosmetic and/or physical damage to the interior or exterior as a result of events, such as vomiting or pet accidents.

"There was rain, but I mean, I don't think I'm responsible for weather conditions," she said.

But there it was. Her $7.41 ride had gone up by an additional $100.

"I think that it could have easily been solved with just a simple towel-wipe, and I'm sure that that's what he did and then pocketed $100," she said.

Pho emailed her complaint to Uber.

"It's extremely frustrating. Ummm. There's not even a phone number to contact, so there's not really much I can do," she said.

She then posted her complaints online.

"I honestly think that it's more of a scam than anything," Pho said.

CBS2 reached out to Uber regarding Pho's complaint, and the company said after further review that it has decided to refund the $100. When asked whether the decision had anything to do with CBS2's inquiry, Uber said it reviews every complaint it receives.

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