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U2's Bono Tips 80-Year-Old Deli Waitress $150 After Concert

FAIRFAX DISTRICT ( — A server at Fairfax's Canter's Deli was unaware she was waiting on one of the biggest rock stars in the world, but her experience with U2's Bono made her a fan for life.

Bella Haig, 80, has been serving people at the deli for five decades, and had a special experience at the end of her shift on Friday morning. At approximately 3 a.m., she ended up serving the U2 frontman, along with some of his friends, after his concert.

Bono asked her to pick an appetizer for him.

"I went to the back and I said 'this guy doesn't look Jewish, but I'm going to get him some matzah ball soup with carrots and noodles and chicken," Haig said.

After finishing the bowl of soup, Bella says Bono asked her what else he should order.

After recommending the Reuben sandwich, Bella says Bono ate the entire thing, at which point some of her colleagues told her who she was serving.

"I was happy to wait on him," Bella said. "He looks better in person actually than on stage."

When everyone was done eating, Bella says she was particularly surprised, when Bono gave her a $150 cash tip.

"Wow, I lucked out, I was thrilled," Bella said. "I was surprised it was that much."

Bella says she used the cash from the tip to take her family out to dinner.

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