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U.S. Census Study: Women Make More Than Men In Inglewood

INGLEWOOD ( — A recent study published by the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that women make significantly more money than men here in Southern California.

The study revealed that women living in Inglewood make about 120 percent of what men do, which translates to a salary of around $25,749.

This average salary, however, is considered to be below the U.S. median.

Researchers explained the wage gap between men and women has improved since 2005, but not significantly.

The personal finance website Nerdwallet analyzed Census Bureau data from 2005 and 2013.

In other areas of the country, surveys show women make about 79 percent of what men make, which equates to around $10,000 less per year.

Inglewood is one of 22 cities the study found in which women make more than men. In 19 of those 22 cities, however, the annual earnings are $5,000 below the U.S. median.

According to the study, salary inequality has been linked to more than just gender, though.

Men and women work different hours and in different industries. They also earn degrees at different rates.

Inglewood residents say they were surprised at the data at first but acknowledged it makes sense.

When asked whether if he was surprised by the fact that women make more than men in his city, Inglewood resident Al Mahan said "Yes, yes, but I go down to City Hall and see a lot of females in there doing a lot of work, and not too many men."

Many women in Inglewood share a similar though: Women make more there because there are simply more women working than men.

"The women have to take care of their children," single mother Brenda Shaw said. "Mama's baby, daddies maybe. We're stuck with them regardless."

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