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2 Arrested In Corona On Suspicion Of Child Endangerment Over 'Dangerous' Stunts Posted On YouTube

CORONA ( — A Corona man and woman were arrested on suspicion of child endangerment over "dangerous" stunts posted on YouTube.

Holly Piazza, 45, and Brian Chase, 37, were accused of engaging in "dangerous driving behavior involving children," according to the Corona Police Department.

One of the videos shows Piazza's son, Rocco, 8, and an adult sloshing in the bed of a white Dodge pickup filled with Orbeez beads, which are a gel material that absorbs water and swells 100 to 300 times its original size, as the truck was cruising through the busy streets of Corona, according to a press release.

Other drivers saw the stunt and called police.

"We had five minutes of fun. We didn't know it was illegal," said Rocco, who is a YouTube sensation and known for posting stunts that include snowboarding down the stairs. "It was one of the best times of my life. It was amazing. My mom, she wasn't going over any like 8 miles per hour."

Holly was driving the truck. "I take responsibility for breaking the law, and we apologize to Corona P.D. for wasting their time, and that they had to deal with it and all that," she said.

She also got a traffic citation for dumping the Orbeez beads all over Rimpau Avenue near Erick Street, "creating a dangerous roadway condition for motorists," said police.

City crews had to clean up the mess after the beads spilled into storm drains.

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