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Caught On Camera: Punches Thrown Between Trucker, Longshoreman At Port Of LA

SAN PEDRO ( — A trucker and a longshoreman were caught on camera throwing punches at each other in the Port of Los Angeles.

Truck driver Moses Cordova said he got upset after waiting at the port for hours.

"I did say, 'Hey, why is it taking so d--n long to get my canister?" he recalled.

Things got nasty when Cordova and the clerk, or person in charge, started arguing.

"As he's coming towards me, he bumps my chest, and I push him back," Cordova explained.

Then the clerk was caught on camera throwing two punches. Another driver, who wanted to stay anonymous, caught the act on his camera.

"I don't think it's right. We are all there for the same purpose - to get our job done, and we have families to support. I do wish we start treating each other with more respect," said the witness.

The driver agreed wait times were long and claimed clerks can be short on patience.

"Thing is - we can't say anything back because we are scared they will retaliate by getting us out of port or threaten to kick us out for life," the witness added.

A union president told CBS2's Crystal Cruz he was aware of the video but had no comment on the clerk.

"I called 911. I just felt like I didn't get any justice because there was no arrest," Cordova said.

Port police said they responded to the incident that day, but neither party wanted to file a report.

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