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Traffic, Smell Near Proposed Stadium Among Carson Residents' Concerns

CARSON ( — The proposed $1.7 billion Chargers-Raiders stadium in Carson would be build on top of a half-century-old landfill and close to the 405 Freeway, two things that have made some residents uneasy with the idea.

Longtime Carson resident Ruby Spencer told CBS2's Jeff Nguyen that she hasn't made up her mind about the prospect of an NFL stadium being built at the site.

"It would bring additional revenue of course along with that comes the addition of traffic," Spencer said.

But Carson Mayor Jim Dear said he doesn't think traffic would be an issue because professional football is mostly played on Sundays when, he said, traffic isn't as dense as it is during the workweek. He said the $1.7 billion plan will include road fixes.

"Give you an example a off-ramp that has one lane now. It might end up with two or three lanes," he said.

Whether traffic is heavy or light - some people say driving through this area is already challenging.

"I don't know exactly what it smells like … it doesn't smell good," said Marisa Concool, who works in Carson.

Longtime residents believe the culprit behind the smell in the area may be a nursery where huge mounds of mulch are produced.

"I don't remember smelling it prior to that nursery being built," Spencer said.

The nursery sits across the street from the landfill , where Councilman Albert Robles played as a child. He said the landfill has been cleaned and capped.

"It's been cleaned to such a level that the California Department of Toxic Substances (Control) has allowed for the construction of new homes," Robles said.


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