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Tourism In Los Angeles Projected To Boost Economy, Jobs Sector

Buoyed by a bullish sprint to the finish line in 2012 and propitious rally into a new era of full-bodied hospitality, the local tourism industry remains one of the more preferential gig masters in town. If the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation's 2013-2014 short-range outlook is on the money, job prospects will continue to be aplenty at a multitude of venues that cater to both locals and Los Angeles's revolving door of visiting guests.

Susan Lomax, vice president of communications, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (photo courtesy of Susan Lomax)
Susan Lomax, vice president of communications, Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (photo courtesy of Susan Lomax)

"There is a real affinity for L.A. around the world," said Susan Lomax, vice president of communications at the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board. "We're anticipating continued growth in visitation from key international markets, particularly China, which became L.A.'s top overseas market last year."

What cosmopolitan cultivation means for unemployed local workers is pivotal once some significant figures are simplified. Each time the total number of visitors that choose to spend a single night in Los Angeles reaches 340, one more ambitious soul gets to punch a time clock. And the most populous city in the state is expected to high-five some 42 million visitants in 2013, a bump up from the previous year.

Lomax said employment opportunities will likely catapult among the industry sectors of transportation, including car and shuttle services; hospitality, which encompasses nearly 1,000 properties countywide; and entertainment, an enjoyable stratum that aggregates Los Angeles's amusement parks, casinos and museums, including the California Science Center, permanent home of the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Lomax said there is also an abundance of attainable gigs within the retail market.

"L.A. is famous for its California-cool and designer shopping and that's on the must-do list for visitors," said Lomax.

With more than one billion people worldwide now speaking Mandarin and other Sino-Tibetan languages, bilingual artisans and interpreters are now being called to active duty.

"The industry needs Chinese language skills at all levels to both develop increased business and leisure travel opportunities to L.A. and then to service them once they're in L.A.," said Lomax. They're seeking business managers, sales people, concierges and tour guides. "It's a skill set that is increasingly in demand."

As efforts continue to fasten tightly Los Angeles's position on the global landscape as a premier travel and convention destination, the local economy will smile in positive reflection.

"We're all hearing and seeing the media reports on new hotel developments, convention center expansion, airport expansion and renovations, new attractions planned for Universal Studios Hollywood and new museums," said Lomax. "All of this is a win-win-win for the L.A. economy. It creates more jobs for L.A. residents, attracts more visitors and these visitors spend more money in L.A. businesses. It's a very rewarding symbiotic relationship."

Sharon Raiford Bush is an award-winning journalist who covers topics of social interest in greater Los Angeles. Some news articles she has authored have been archived by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Sharon also contributes to

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