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Top 10 David Goldstein Investigations Of 2019

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - Here are the top 10 'David Goldstein Investigations' of the year on, based on pageviews and video views:

  1. Goldstein Investigation: Tracking Down The Man Who Tipped Feds About College Admissions Scandal
    David Goldstein tracked down the man who federal investigators say tipped them off to the widening campus bribery scandal that has ensnared Hollywood celebrities and business moguls and CEOs alike.
  2. Goldstein Investigation: $17K Spent So Local Officials Could Have Day At The Beach
    Our hidden cameras were at the swanky beach resort where the leadership retreat was being held.
  3. Goldstein Investigates: College Cheating Scandal
    David Goldstein tracked down and confronted former USC Senior Associate Athletic Director Donna Heinel, who is accused of taking more than $1.3 million in bribes to get 24 non-athletes admitted to USC as athletic recruits.
  4. Goldstein Investigation: Delivery Drivers Grub On Food Orders Before You Get Them
    With food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, GrubHub and Postmates bursting at the seams, we wanted to know what some delivery people were doing with your food before you took a bite.
  5. Goldstein Investigates: Local Animal Shelter Isn't Telling All About Some Dangerous Dogs Up For Adoption
    How much should you know about a dog you're about to adopt? That's the question after a CBS2 News investigation found a local animal shelter wasn't telling all about some dangerous dogs up for adoption.
  6. Goldstein Investigation: Possum Living In $1 Million, Taxpayer-Funded Bus
    The state paid nearly $1.4 million for an energy-efficient bus that was never used, and after sitting idly in a lot for several years, it has been taken over by an aggressive possum.
  7. Goldstein Investigation: Over $580,000 In Unclaimed LAUSD Property Sitting Unused
    More than half a million dollars in school district money that could be used for supplies has been sitting unused for years. David Goldstein searched the California state controller's office database for unclaimed property and found more than $580,000 for the Los Angeles Unified school district - including almost $240,000 owed to individual schools.

  8. David Goldstein Investigation: Hundreds of Taxpayer-Funded Metro Bicycles Stolen
    In this David Goldstein investigation, we found that almost one-third of bicycles provided through Metro's taxpayer-funded Bike Share program have either been stolen or stripped for parts.
  9. Goldstein Investigation: Money Flows Like Water At Water Board Meetings
    Board members like Carol Kwan get a per diem of around $250 a meeting. And while it's a part-time job, it is big business.
  10. Goldstein Investigation: Metro Proposes Plans To Spend $200K On Saunas And Steam Rooms
    While the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority struggles to replace buses that broke down and caught fire because of a lack of money, David Goldstein uncovered an entry in the upcoming budget proposal that would put $200,000 towards installing steam and sauna rooms in a private workout facility that sits under Metro's downtown L.A. headquarters.


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