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Too Drunk To Drive? Riverside Police Give Free Breathalyzers In 'Know Your Limit' Program

RIVERSIDE ( — It's the time of year for parties and indulgence but law enforcement warn people not to enjoy too many holiday drinks before hitting the road.

But how much is too much?

In the "Know Your Limit" program, Riverside police are helping people understand how to stay within the legal blood-alcohol limit.

Officers provided free breathalyzer tests to people who wanted to know if they were too drunk to drive.

Some people wondered if it was a trap but officers reassured them the tests were truly educational.

Riverside resident Kirk Pugh was out drinking when he decided to stop and take the test. He suspected he was over the legal limit to drive.

"Over, over," the police officer told while administering the breathalyzer.

Pugh was correct and that's why he decided not to drive home Friday night.

Police say many others misjudge their blood-alcohol content and get behind the wheel.

"Surprisingly, when we went out for the first time, that's what we got. A lot of people thought, hey, you know, I'm under the legal limit. And we'd ask them and they would say about .04. And then we showed them the device and they would realize they were at an .08 or above," Sgt. Robert Tipre told CBS2/KCAL9's Crystal Cruz.

Riverside police say there's been an increase in DUI arrests and traffic accidents.

"We are trying to get them in the back seat of a taxi or with a friend or any local hotels or motels," said Tipre, as he stood next to a patrol car that had one half painted as a taxi and the other as a police car.

Police want to remind revelers that a DUI arrest typically costs $10,000 in fees and can include months in jail.


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