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Tips, Smartphone Apps Can Help Drivers Save Their Gas Money

LOS ANGELES ( — Southern Californians may not find relief at the gas pump any time soon, so here are a few tips to conserve fuel.

The U.S. Department of Energy says, if you can't buy a more efficient vehicle, try to drive more efficiently, keep your car in shape and plan your trips in advance.

Keeping tires properly inflated, and using the recommended grade of motor oil can help improve gas mileage more than up to 3 percent. Replacing clogged air filters will improve your car's performance, but not your miles per gallon, according to a new study.

Removing excess weight can help reduce MPG by up to 2 percent, and drivers should shut off the engine if parked in any one spot for more than two minutes.

Most importantly, drivers should slow down. Driving at 55 miles per hour is 15 percent more efficient than driving at 65 mph.

Smartphones can be a driver's best friend for saving money. has a list of their 10 favorite apps for saving money on gas.

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