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Tips For A Sun-Kissed Glow Without Damaging Your Skin

STUDIO CITY (CBS/KCAL) — As the begins to heat up, the risk of sun damage to your skin increases.

Sun care expert Sinead Norenius, the "Self Tanning Queen," visited the KCAL9 studios Thursday to share tips on how to get a great tan without damaging your skin.

Norenius recommends using self-tanners to achieve that sun-kissed look. Norenius recommends Beautisol products. Here are some tips...

-Wax 24 hours ahead of self tanning

-Do not wear perfume, deodorant or essential oils before self-tanning

-Exfoliate before you tan

-Apply lotion in dry areas like knees to prevent the tanner from saturating these areas.

-Use dark loose clothing while self-tanning

-Tan at night, it is less interruptive and will not affect your routine or clothing choice.

Tips for Maintaining Your Self-Tan

-Do not shower, bathe or swim at least 6-8 hours after you apply the product

-Exfoliate 3 days after you've tanned to help the tan fade evenly.

-Pat dry after you shower to help avoid than tan coming off prematurely.

For more on how to achieve a perfect tan, click here.

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